Added on 23-11-2021
BY Nupur Jhaveri

A spoonful of Ghee a day keeps the health problems away!

Right out of the Tawa, hot and tempting Roti with a splash of ghee is something we as Indians absolutely love to eat. It is indeed interesting how much ghee can enhance the taste and aroma of simple food items like roti, khakhra, dal-rice and many more such Indian dishes. While Indian home-cooked food is incomplete without the presence of ghee in it, it is also one of the most healthy and nutritious items to consume, no questions asked! Did you know that ghee makes for an absolute fantastic substitute for butter? Yes, you read that right! Now you can cook delicious food and still make it healthy.

Most of us are not anonymous to the benefits that ghee offers not only to your body but your skin and hair as well. Even celebrities start their day with a spoon of ghee. Ghee is a food for the mind and soul as proven by Ayurveda which even modern science vouches for!

While there is a myth that if you are trying to lose or maintain weight you should not consume ghee owing to the high fat content but it is proven that ghee in the right amount aids in weight loss and helps maintain healthy body fat levels.
Nakoda ghee products especially their Dairy Taaza and Dairy Special Ghee are must buys, not only because they are high in nutritional value but are produced in the most authentic way.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should be getting your hands on the Nakoda Dairy Taaza and Dairy Special Ghee.

1. Daily dose of energy I am pretty sure everyone remembers how our grandmothers, mothers fed us ‘Gud-ghee’ or ‘Besan ke laddu’ loaded with ghee. The main reason for it was to give us the necessary energy required in our early years for a healthy and happy growth. The medium-chain fatty acids in ghee are directly absorbed by the liver and burn immediately which is why, they are a better alternative for energy source than loading your diet with carbohydrates for energy.

2. Decreases Glycemic Index
Chapati/Roti and rice are foods with high G.I. and therefore Indians have been practicing applying ghee on rotis and rice since ages. Splashing ghee over your food or even cooking food in ghee can help improve the digestibility, bring down glycemic index in addition to amazing taste. A substitute for butter, ghee can also be used in baking and it would not affect the end result.

3. Benefits the skin
It is no secret that ghee is considered extremely good for the skin as it is rich in omega fatty acids and also filled with antioxidants so it helps fight the free radicals. It is proven that people who consume ghee tend to have a glowing skin. It helps in nourishing the skin from within so that the moisture in the skin is maintained. Ghee helps in hydrating the skin cells and is the reason why a lot of people include it not only in their diet but in homemade face packs as well.

4. Induces good sleep
Surprisingly a lot of people have issues sleeping and often complaint of not getting a good night’s sleep. One of major reasons is digestive problems: in fact, sleep and digestion are said to be linked. Ghee helps in inducing good sleep purely because it helps in digestion. You can include it in milk and consume to sleep like a baby.

5. Maintains heart health and immunity
The monounsaturated omega 3 fatty acids in ghee support the heart and overall cardiovascular system of the body by maintaining healthy fat and cholesterol levels. Ghee is a rich source of Vitamins like Vitamin A, D, K and E which are required for the immune system. It arms our immune system as it helps the body to absorb all the minerals and vitamins from the food we consume.

Now that you know the a few of the infinite benefits of Ghee, go grab Nakoda’s Ghee products which is made at a very low temperature retaining all the nutrients, at an amazing price!


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